From: Anthony Dimonte ()
Date: Friday,April 10,2009 5:22:54 PM
Subject: DiMonte job


I want to send you a letter of thanks and appreciation from me and my family regarding the installation job that you fine company did at my residence at 26448 cardinal Dr. in canyon country.we are extremely pleased with our engineered wood product purchased from your showroom and installed by your excellent and professional team of installers. youe prices were so low that I expected. in all honesty, that there would have to be catch somewhere.

Not only was there not a catch, but I found your service, product and installation to be by far and away the best choice that i made in my recent home remodel. you may give out my name and mobile number (310/466-4790) to anyone who is considering buying from you in the future and I will consider it a privilege to provide the same type of reference that i provide herein.

please thank the crew for me and know that your installers go out of their way to both do a great job and keep your customers happy.

Best regards,
Tony DiMonte

PS-I have a family member considering new floor in San Juan Capistrano (Orange County) – is that outside of your work area?

PSS-I also have one remaining request for some fill work on an area in my kitchen that I may have unintentionally directed the workers not to cover (because there was existing work ongoing by other trades in the area). With you 12 month guaranty and execellent service attitude, I have no doubts that this will be taken care of but wanted to schedule the next time any of your people will be my area (no rush so no need to make a separate trip).

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