Dr. Kriss Stauber
20559 Aetna Street
Woodland Hills, Ca 91367
January 21, 2014

Mr. John Elkhani
International Designers Network
4947 Canoga Avenue
Canoga Park, Ca 91304

Dear Mr. Elkhani:

Your company installed my engineered wood floors throughout the house two years ago. You and your employees were very courteous and helpful and the floor turned out beautifully.

What is most commendable, however, is the professional manner in which the work was backed up (not once, but three times) when my new floors were damaged by leaks from beneath the slab and later from a kitchen appliance. The first incident thought caused by a cracked air conditioning condensation line) occurred during the one-year warranty period, and without charge the damaged floorboards were removed and replaced. Your employees did a fine job and made the floor look as good as new.

More damaged occurred the following year when a broken sprinkler line caused another leak beneath my slab. Later, a leak in my refrigerator damaged the kitchen floor. Although my year’s warranty had expired, you charged me only for the cost of the flooring and nothing for the several days of labor that was required.

Again, the workmanship was excellent, and the floors look beautiful.

The kind of service you supply-particularly the way you back up your products- is all too rate today.

Thank you so much for your commendable service and for my once-again beautiful engineered wood floor.

Dr. Kriss Stauber

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