Type Of Floors

Distressed floors

Distressed flooring and hand scraped vintage Wire Brush European style hardwood flooring are a few of the popular, authentic styled hardwood flooring available today to add to your home. Bring a sense of heritage, character and European history to your home by choosing exceptional and unique distressed hardwood flooring.

Laminate floors

Laminate flooring allows you to capture the look and feel of rare, exotic wood without natural material drawbacks or a pinch to the bank account.

Bamboo floors

Imported exotic bamboo flooring has some remarkable qualities and is one of the newest products in the wood flooring market. Bamboo floors are as hard as Hard Maple and are 50% more stable and firmer than Red Oak. Bamboo flooring is a grass, made from grass (with more than 1,000 species-worldwide), that rejuvenates itself to maturity within 4 to 5 years, which makes bamboo flooring an environmentally friendly product.

Pre-finished hardwood floors

During the construction or remodeling of your home, the finished wear layers of pre-finished hardwood floors are far superior to any finish available. A factory applied finish coat is more resistant to abrasion, will not show swirl marks, hairs, dust and other imperfections that are often associated with “from scratch” hardwood flooring.

Engineered floors

Engineered flooring is made using a cross ply veneer construction and 5 plies or more of hardwood veneer. This is by far the most stable production of wood floors on the market today.

Cork flooring

Cork Flooring is another unique type of “Green Floor Covering” that is considered to be environmentally friendly. Cork floors are an ideal floor covering for those who desire that different look coupled with comfort for the feet. You can find cork flooring in many different styles, colors and patterns.

Chiseled edge floors

With chiseled edge floors, no two planks are alike, and each bears the craftsman’s unique signature. These planks will add heritage and a bit of history to your home.

Solid floors

Solid wood flooring is any type of wood, regardless of width or length, which consists of one piece of wood from the top to the bottom. This type of flooring is nailed down to 3/4” exterior grade plywood and is suitable to use in practically any room in the house. It can either be factory finished or unfinished (sand-on-site). You must have a raised foundation or install ¾ plywood underneath, since solid woods are subject to nail down only.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Since its early beginnings, solid hardwood floors have been one of the favorites of flooring. Solid hardwood floors are found in many different sizes to allow for the most elaborate and unique designs. One person can take the exact same set of solid hardwood flooring panels as someone else and create entirely different solid hardwood flooring than that of the other. This flooring is one of the most traditional and most gorgeous types of flooring out there. One of the greatest things about solid hardwood flooring is the fact that it has the staying power of a lifetime. It is not unlikely for families to pass down their solid hardwood floors from one generation to the next. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons for solid hardwood flooring to be chosen over that of engineered hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood floors can be sanded down many times over to expose their original value, making them a clear example of preservation at its very best.

More reasons WHY solid hardwood floors are so valued:

1. They are valued by many because solid hardwood floors can be quite reasonably priced if you shop smart. Many places offer quality solid hardwood floors at a reasonable price, you just have to search the market and see what different suppliers have to offer. You are bound to eventually find a great deal that works in your best interest.

2. Solid hardwood flooring is often seen as a valuable commodity to many because they want flooring that will allow the creation of the perfect ambiance without a huge distraction from the flooring.

3. Because of the natural elements that they possess. Many people today want to incorporate green living into every aspect of their lives, so it is quite often that hardwood floors are the most popular option when they are looking for flooring in their homes.

When you are ready to add hardwood floors to your home, our floors installers can help. We handpick our installers and make sure they meet the highest standards of experience, know-how and customer service to get your hardwood floor installation done just right.

We offer start-to-finish project management so you are assured that the job is done just right. The durable quality and striking styles of our hardwood floors add a natural appeal to any room and give that added increase of value to your home. We offer the removal of any existing carpet or flooring and provide a neat and complete cleanup of all project-related debris once the installation has been finished.

In hiring our services for your hardwood floor installation, it is assured we will get the job done right and will stand behind our work.

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