Living in Style – How to Get the Most Out of Hardwood Floors

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Living in style with hardwood floor adds a unique, timeless elegance to any home. There’s something about the rich color, intricate grain patterns and natural heft of these floors that set them apart from other materials like carpets or tiles. But it’s not just the look of hardwood floors that raises the bar in your home’s style – there are also practical reasons why hardwood floors should be on your list of must-haves when deciding how to decorate your space.

For starters, hardwood is incredibly durable and holds up against wear and tear over time. This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing them every few years like you would with a carpet or tile flooring option. The labor involved in installation is also minimal compared to other materials and makes updating a room an easier project for most homeowners.

When it comes to maintenance, hardwood floors need very little attention beyond routine cleaning and polishing. Sweep up debris, vacuum as needed and mop regularly to keep dirt from becoming trapped between the boards – that’s really all it takes! You can even use steam cleaning machines, although these should only be used on engineered wood or pre-finished floors because water can cause damage over time to most solid wood boards.

The more popular species of hardwood have been around for centuries now and are still widely available today. Even better, advancements in technology mean that there are now dozens of finishes available – including some faux-wood options designed with durability in mind – giving you plenty of choices when picking out the look you want for any given room. Whether you’re into subtle oak tones or high-gloss mahogany options, there’s no shortage of different hues that will bring life to your living space.

Once installed, hardwood floors add warmth, beauty and character unlike any other type of flooring material out there today. If you want something special for your space without having to sacrifice quality for price tag then seriously consider investing in hardwood flooring for your home – after all it may take awhile before you find another construction material that can make such a long lasting impression!

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