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Are you looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade the look of your home? Look no further than IDN! We offer complete hardwood installation services with a wide variety of flooring options, including carpet, tile, hardwood, linoleum, and laminate. But one of our most popular options is vinyl flooring.


Vinyl flooring used to be synonymous with outdated, faded floors in old kitchens, but modern vinyl flooring has come a long way. Today’s vinyl flooring has all the durability and water-resistance that you need, but with a wider range of visuals that can match any interior design scheme. At IDN, we specialize in helping our clients find the right solution for their specific needs, and we can guarantee that we have a vinyl floor that will transform your home.


What is Vinyl Flooring?


Before we dive into the benefits of vinyl flooring, let’s look at what this material is. Vinyl flooring is a synthetic material made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. These materials are specifically designed to imitate the look of other materials, such as hardwood or stone, while offering durable and resilient qualities.


Many vinyl flooring options also come in tiles or planks, making them easy to install for DIY enthusiasts. The modern vinyl flooring options that we offer are perfect for almost every area in the home. They can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and even basements, since they are waterproof and easy to clean.


Benefits of Vinyl Flooring


In addition to its durable and waterproof qualities, there are many other benefits to choosing vinyl flooring for your home. Here are just a few of the reasons why we recommend this type of flooring to our customers:


  1. Versatility: One of the most significant advantages of vinyl flooring is the range of designs that it can mimic. From natural hardwood to tiles, modern vinyl flooring can offer a great rendition of anything you can think of. They are often embossed with realistic textures, so you can barely tell the difference between the real thing and a vinyl floor. Additionally, since they are available in tiles and planks, you can even create unique patterns and designs.


  1. Durability: Unlike many other types of flooring, vinyl has considerable durability. They are resistant to abrasions, stains, and scratches, which makes them perfect for busy households or families with pets. Modern vinyl flooring surfaces are rated for homes and high-traffic commercial sites.  Vinyl floors that are installed with our company can last several years before requiring replacement.


  1. Easy Maintenance: You don’t have to be a professional cleaner to keep vinyl flooring in good condition. This material is incredibly easy to clean since it retains its color and luster after wiping or mopping. Unlike carpet that can stain or wood floors that need to be polished or treated, vinyl flooring just needs a simple sweep and wet mop to stay looking great. A vacuum can be used for daily cleaning habits such as removing loose dirt.


  1. Safe and Comfortable: Vinyl flooring is also softer to the step than other hard surfaces such as wood or tile. Additionally, many of our vinyl flooring options come with added slip resistance, which makes them safe for households. They are perfect for families with children or elderly individuals.



Is it time for a flooring upgrade in your home? IDN has everything you need to transform your home from drab to fab with vinyl flooring. Between the versatility, durability, ease of maintenance, and comfort factor of vinyl flooring, you’ll love your new floors for years to come. Contact our team at IDN today to learn more about our flooring options and to schedule your professional installation.

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