Different Styles of Wood Tile Flooring

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If you’re looking for a flooring option that combines the warmth and beauty of wood with the durability and low-maintenance benefits of tile, then wood tile flooring may be just what you need. At IDN, we offer a wide selection of wood tile flooring options to suit different styles and preferences. Here are some of the different styles you can choose from:


  1. Classic Wood Look


One of the most popular styles of wood tile flooring is the classic wood look. This style mimics the natural grain patterns and colors of real hardwood, giving your space an authentic and timeless appeal. Whether you prefer traditional oak or rustic hickory, there’s a wood tile option that can match your preferred aesthetic.


  1. Distressed Wood Look


For those who prefer a more rustic or vintage look, distressed wood tile flooring may be the way to go. This style features textured surfaces, weathered finishes, and unique markings that create a charmingly aged appearance. With distressed wood tile, you can add character and personality to any room in your home.


  1. Reclaimed Wood Look


Another popular trend in wood tile flooring is reclaimed wood look. This style captures the essence of salvaged lumber by featuring rich colors, rough textures, and irregular shapes that emulate the natural wear and tear over time. Reclaimed wood tiles are perfect for adding an eco-friendly touch to your home while still achieving an elegant and sophisticated look.


  1. Parquet Wood Look


If you want to take your interior design up a notch, parquet wood tile flooring might be just what you need. This style features intricate geometric patterns made from smaller rectangular or triangular tiles that create a stunning visual effect on floors or walls alike. Parquet tiles come in various sizes and colors so you can mix-and-match them to create unique designs.


  1. Chevron Wood Look


Similar to parquet tiles but with a more modern twist, chevron wood tiles feature V-shaped patterns that add depth and dimension to any space they’re installed in. Chevron tiles come in different lengths and widths so you can customize them according to your preferences.


At IDN stores across the country, we carry all these styles (and more!) in our high-quality selection of wood tile flooring options for every budget range.

Visit us today at one of our locations nationwide or browse our online store for inspiration!

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