Explore the Trails of Four Oaks Park in West Hills: Hiking, Biking, and Walking Paths Detailed

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Enveloped by the serenity of nature, Four Oaks Park in West Hills offers a myriad of trail options for outdoor enthusiasts.

This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth exploration into the park’s various hiking, biking, and walking paths, all uniquely designed to cater to different fitness levels and recreational preferences.

Each trail presents its own distinct features, from challenging terrains for the adventurous hiker, to the more tranquil paths for leisurely walks and relaxed biking.

As you navigate through this guide, you will uncover detailed insights about each trail, including distance, difficulty, and the types of scenery you can expect.

So, do you wonder which trail will capture your interest and suit your adventure spirit? The answer awaits as we embark on this comprehensive journey through the trails of Four Oaks Park.

Detailed Guide to Hiking Trails

Embarking on the diverse trails of Four Oaks Park, hikers are presented with an array of experiences, each trail offering unique terrains and picturesque views that warrant a detailed exploration.

The Oak Ridge Trail, the longest at 3.5 miles, provides a panoramic hilltop view, while the shorter but steep Fox Hollow Trail is a wildflower wonderland in spring.

The Fern Valley Trail presents a serene woodland atmosphere with its verdant ferns and shade-giving trees. The Birdsong Trail is a delight for bird watchers, with numerous species making their homes along its path.

Each trail is well-marked, ensuring hikers feel a sense of belonging in the midst of nature’s grandeur. This comprehensive guidance aims to enhance your hiking experience at Four Oaks Park.

Exploring Bike and Walking Paths

While the hiking trails of Four Oaks Park offer a multitude of natural wonders, the park also boasts an array of biking and walking paths, each designed to cater to different skill levels and interests.

  • The Lakeside Loop: This path is particularly loved by families. It offers scenic views of the nearby lake, and the gentle, flat terrain makes it perfect for novice bikers and walkers.
  • The Ridge Runner Trail: This trail is more challenging, with a few steep inclines. It is preferred by experienced bikers and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.
  • The Forest Pathway: This path winds through dense oak trees, creating a serene ambiance perfect for those seeking solitude and tranquility.

These trails invite all to experience the beauty and diversity of Four Oaks Park.


The exploration of Four Oaks Park in West Hills offers a chance to engage with nature through hiking, biking, and walking paths. The trails symbolize a journey of discovery, providing a refuge from urban life, and a gateway to serenity.

This detailed guide serves as a tool for navigating this natural gem, fostering an appreciation of the outdoors and promoting physical activity. May your exploration of Four Oaks Park be an invigorating and enriching experience.

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