Upcoming Events at Chase Park in West Hills: What’s on the Calendar for Local Residents

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As we transition into the warmer months, Chase Park in West Hills is preparing to host a diverse range of community events that cater to all demographics, from children to seniors.

This versatile public space, known for its commitment towards fostering a sense of community, has planned an array of activities. These include the much-anticipated Summer Concert Series, myriad children’s activities, and a variety of sports leagues.

While this provides a brief overview, a comprehensive examination of the planned events, their respective dates, and how they aim to engage and benefit the local residents, will paint a more vivid picture of the lively community spirit that West Hills is renowned for.

Chase Park’s Summer Concert Series

Kicking off in the heart of summer, Chase Park’s Summer Concert Series promises a lineup of diverse musical performances aimed at providing entertainment for the local community.

The series is a beacon of cultural inclusivity, showcasing a broad spectrum of genres ranging from jazz and blues to rock and country, ensuring the tastes of all attendees are catered to.

In addition to the music, the park will host food trucks and artisan stalls for a wholesome family experience.

The concert series is not just about entertainment; it’s an initiative to strengthen community ties, foster local talent, and promote the arts.

Kids’ Activities and Sports Leagues

While the Summer Concert Series offers entertainment for all, Chase Park also boasts a variety of kid-friendly activities and sports leagues, designed to engage the younger members of the West Hills community.

  1. Youth Soccer Leagues: With teams for different age groups, the park’s soccer leagues are a great way to learn teamwork and sportsmanship.
  2. Art in the Park: This summer program offers children the opportunity to explore their creative side through various art projects.
  3. Junior Tennis Clinics: Led by professional coaches, these clinics help children develop their tennis skills in a fun, supportive environment.
  4. Nature Explorer Club: This club encourages children to engage with nature through guided walks and interactive learning experiences.

Each of these activities provides a unique way for children to connect with their community, develop new skills, and enjoy the beauty of Chase Park.


In conclusion, Chase Park in West Hills continues to be a vibrant hub for community gatherings and activities. The Summer Concert Series and children’s sports leagues not only offer recreational opportunities but also foster community spirit.

The park’s ongoing events and activities affirm its integral role in the social fabric of West Hills, contributing positively to the quality of life for local residents. Such community-oriented spaces are pivotal in promoting social interaction and communal harmony.

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